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Agraria has created their signature AirEssence fragrances in individual gift boxes. The ultimate stocking stuffer as well as the perfect party favor, the individually boxed PetiteEssence™ are exact miniatures of the large AirEssence™. Each box contains an antiqued mirrored tray to add even more sparkle...and protect fine furniture.

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Agraria PetiteEssence™

17027-150.jpg Agraria - AirEssence - PetiteEssence - Balsam with Tray - 1.7 oz
Item 17027


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Agraria Balsam fragrance is a refreshing and luscious marriage that combines the essence of sweet balsam with notes of cypress and wild rhododendron.

17024-150.jpg Agraria - AirEssence - PetiteEssence - Bitter Orange with Tray - 1.7 oz
Item 17024


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A complex and subtle blend that permeates the air with addictive waves of clove, fragrant rose and the zest of bitter orange. Agraria Bitter Orange fragrance has been described by the New York Times as "uplifting, mysterious and androgynous in its appeal."

17026-150.jpg Agraria - AirEssence - PetiteEssence - Lavender & Rosemary - 1.7 oz
Item 17026


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A unique and deeply aromatic blend of French Lavender and Moroccan Rosemary. Agraria Lavender-Rosemary fragrance is enriched with whole Coriander.

17025-150.jpg Agraria - AirEssence - PetiteEssence - Lemon Verbena with Tray - 1.7 oz
Item 17025


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Bright and briskly herbal, Agraria Lemon Verbena fragrance evokes the fresh, clear exuberance of lemon-scented verbena leaves enhanced with citron.

15427-150.jpg Agraria - AirEssense - PetiteEssence Nob Hill Collection - 4 x 1.7 oz
Item 15427


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The signature Nob Hill fragrances - Bitter Orange, Lemon Verbena, Lavender & Rosemary, & Balsam - presented in beautiful crystal perfume bottles with twenty eight 8-inch reeds.

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