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Listen to yourself...
Listen to your skin!

The skin is a communication interface: it reacts both to the outside environment
(sun, wind, pollution...) and the inside one (feelings, hormones, tobacco, diet...). Echoes of your soul and body, its needs are like yours: constantly changing. By listening to it, following its requests, you can protect and help it recover its balance and beauty.

You are the only one able to have this intimate conversation... Nobody knows you like you do!

This is why Absolution Skincare offers a shorter range of customizable cosmetics made to be adapted to your skin's needs, each day as it comes, simply.

The skincare line can be adapted to the skin's moods by adding a drop of one of the La Solution + (high concentrated booster) to reinforce and drive its efficiency.

The airless cream jars have been specifically conceived to make the bespoke process easy: you just have to add a drop of one of the Solutions to one pump of the Cream, mix on the jar's plate dispenser and apply your bespoke skincare.

All products are certified organic... containing at least 51% of ingredients produced by organic farming on total ingredients (and always more than 98% of natural ingredients) when only 10% is required to be certified organic by Ecocert.

The first unisex bespoke certified organic cosmetics (French) brand. "Because we are looking for the right balance between eco-conscious and urban lifestyle, because we are both concerned by our image, our well-being and the protection of the planet, more and more attracted by organic products but not willing to give up pleasure, because we always want more results and more efficiency..."

Absolution Creative Apothecary

Skin & Body Care

A range of customizable cosmetics made to be adapted to your skin's needs, each day as it comes, simply.

Sweet and Safe Kiss

Sweet & Safe Kisses - a NEW collaboration with celebrity make-up artist Christophe Danchaud!
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