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Aromatherapy Associates Home Ambiance Travel Friendly Sizes 3 oz or Less

13853-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Home Fragrancer - 1 pc
Item 13853


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Simply plug in and then add several drops of any Aromatherapy Associates room fragrance or essence to create a welcoming and aromatic ambiance. Traditionally crafted in glazed ceramic, the electric fragrancer is the safe, clean and effective way to vaporize essential oils without using a naked flame. Unlike candle burners, it cannot overheat and will diffuse room fragrances for many hours throughout your home or office.

13855-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Relax Room Fragrance - 10 ml
Item 13855


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Experience the gently relaxing and restful powers of West Indian bay, geranium and myrrh to create a tranquil environment. Calms and rests an anxious mind.

13857-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Revive Room Fragrance - 10 ml
Item 13857


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Experience the uplifting and enlivening powers of bergamot, grapefruit and frankincense to energize your environment.

13858-150.jpg Aromatherapy Associates - Support Breathe Essence - 10 ml
Item 13858


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A refreshing, antibacterial inhalation essence. Eucalyptus, peppermint and tea-tree lend their soothing properties to maintain clear breathing.

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