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Your skin is a living, breathing organ...

Capable of repair & regeneration when embraced by a lively environment of hydration, oxygen & the right nutrition. These revitalizing serums are powerful alchemical blends that include superconducting Ormus derived from a high altitude spring. The presence of Ormus accelerates cell communication, enhancing the effects of all other active ingredients, maximizing results.

The Phyto-­Infusion serums include active collagen boosting & skin restructuring nutrients that further enhance youthful vitality in the skin’s appearance. Vitamin C & other powerful antioxidants increase these effects & offer excellent protection to prevent or slow-­down aging in skin. Some results are noticed immediately, while others increase gradually as cells turn-­over in a normal 30-­40 day cycle.

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ISUN Anti-Aging Treatment Serums

29965-150.jpg ISUN - Radiance Light Serum - 30 ml
Item 29965


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Apply all over your face and/or backs of hands or any other area where there are skin discolorations. Not only does the serum contain ISUN's key botanical ingredients to lighten and brighten your skin, it is high in age-repair and age prevention properties to keep your skin looking fresh and younger-looking. Use morning & night for best results.

16685-150.jpg ISUN - Phyto-Infusion I - 30 ml
Item 16685


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A true anti-aging serum! A distinctive blend of plant-derived stem cells, peptides and powerful antioxidants like SOD, CoQ10, Curcuminoids, Vitamin C and more, is exclusively activated with super-conductive, energizing ORMUS (monatomic gold and silver). As a result, cell communication is increased for more rapid repair and regeneration of damaged and aging skin. Special enzymes from phytoplankton support repair of damaged DNA and help prevent DNA damage from UV rays for superior protection.

16686-150.jpg ISUN - Phyto-Infusion II - 30 ml
Item 16686


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A true anti-aging serum, this distinctive blend of plant-derived peptides & powerful antioxidants is exclusively activated with super-conductive, energizing ORMUS (monatomic gold & silver). Cell communication is increased for rapid repair & regeneration and optimizes maintenance of more youthful appearing skin. Skin is naturally protected from aging effects of UV damage with special enzymes from phytoplankton, superoxide dismutase (SOD), and other antioxidants. Phyto-Infusion I & II contain the same active ingredients, however Phyto II includes additional neroli distillate and less oil making it more suitable for normal or oily skin.

17161-150.jpg ISUN - Photo-Enzyme Serum - 60 ml
Item 17161


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For natural UV protection and for repair after sun exposure, this antioxidantenzyme based, hydrating serum includes selected nutrients clinically proven to protect skin cells including cellular DNA from UV damage. The UV protective nutrients include Phytoplankton extract providing Photolyase Enzyme, Buddleja herb extract, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) antioxidant enzyme, Rosemary distillate, Green tea extract, Sunflower seed extract and a range of other antioxidant and skin repair herbs. These same nutrients also support repair from UV damage after sun exposure.

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