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ISUN Care for Problem Skin

23711-150.jpg ISUN - Clarifying Toning Mist - 50 ml
Item 23711


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Pure distillates infused with herbs and essential oils help to eliminate bacteria, balance hormones, balance oil secretions, calm and hydrate skin.

23712-150.jpg ISUN - Blackhead Solvent Oil - 10 ml
Item 23712


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To soften stubborn blackheads and congested pores, ISUN has created a deep penetrating, decongesting jojoba-based formula to help keep blackheads and congested pores under control.

16896-150.jpg ISUN - Clarifying Spot Treatment - 5 ml
Item 16896


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A therapeutic blend of powerful antimicrobial neem oil, herbs and essential oils, combine with plants containing salicylic acid, MSM and other skin-health enhancing nutrients in a clay base to extract and purify infected pores, blemishes and bug bites.

16895-150.jpg ISUN - Clarifying Serum - 30 ml
Item 16895


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Antimicrobial, sebum-balancing and anti-inflammatory herbs are infused into antioxidant and astringent rosemary, neroli and witch hazel pure distillates. MSM, niacinamide and panthenol are blended in to support fewer blemishes, calm and healthier skin. Hydration of tissues is supported with olive-derived sodium hyaluronate. The antimicrobial activity of Clarifying Serum is enhanced with a range of essential oils including Manuka, Lemon Myrtle and Ravensara.

16894-150.jpg ISUN - Rhassoul-Neem Mask - 50 ml
Item 16894


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This mask actively purifies the skin's surface and pores with pure neem oil and a concentration of antimicrobial herbs and essential oils. In a smooth base of rhassoul clay, impurities are drawn out and purified by the antimicrobial ingredients. Rhassoul clay does not dry out tissues as most clays do, making this mask an option for dry skin.

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