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Nicolas Chabert, founder of Parfums Zero Six Cent-Trente, began his career in the fragrance industry working with his father and his uncle, renowned perfumers established in Grasse and Paris. The goal of 06130 is to share the love of fine fragrances with discriminating customers in the most exquisite shopping environments worldwide.

06130 is the zip code of Grasse, picturesque town where their fathers and their ancestors shaped the fragrance industry. Grasse became the world capital of perfume in the 17th century for socio-economic and geographic reasons, and remains the world center of perfume creativity and production to this day.

Parfums 06130

16123-150.jpg Parfums 06130 - Lys Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Item 16123


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While named after a flower, our Lys fragrance is reminiscent of the cédrat, a soft Mediterranean citrus, elegantly married with blackcurrant, mandarin and bergamot. The rose and the lily contribute to the fragrance's floral appeal, and the bottom note's sophistication is born of soft woods and moss.

16122-150.jpg Parfums 06130 - Yuzu Rouge Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Item 16122


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Yuzu Rouge is a crisp scent that combines the refreshing Japanese fruit yuzu with tea notes, verbena, grapefruit, bergamot, and Rose, making it perfect for aficionados of light fragrances.

16121-150.jpg Parfums 06130 - Cèdre Eau de Toilette - 100 ml
Item 16121


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The Cèdre fragrance is warm, yet light and discreet. The top note includes violet, bergamot, and a touch of grapefruit. The cedar and sandalwood blend in particularly well with vetiver, musk, cardamon, and amber, and the resulting lightly powdered sexy notes is wonderful for women and men alike.

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